An Easy, Safe, Fully Autonomous Lawn Mower

As Seen on TV

The MowRo, an easy-to-use, fully autonomous lawn mower was featured on the popular CBS television series 'The Henry Ford's Innovation Nation' on January 2, 2021.

The innovative robotic lawn mower, MowRo was first nationally broadcast on NewsWatch TV on September 25, 2020. This clip highlights the ease of use, safety, convenience, and quiet nature of this innovative product.

Spend Time Enjoying Your Lawn
Not Cutting It

With MowRo, never waste a Saturday again. MowRo runs automatically on a schedule every other day or night — finely cutting your grass to help fertilize your lawn naturally.

Women enjoying outdoors with MowRo mower


Icons showing various features of MowRo products

How MowRo Work

Place Adjustable Perimeter Wire

A low profile, no-trip perimeter wire is placed according to the needs of your lawn. The wire acts as a wall so MowRo knows when to turn and maneuver around the lawn. The perimeter wire also acts as a guide taking MowRo back to the docking station for charging.

Start Algorithmic Continuous Mow

MowRo operates using an algorithm that helps maintain a consistent lawn. MowRo continuously mows day or night ensuring your lawn is pristinely kept and mows up to 6,500 sq ft per mow cycle. Program your yard size into MowRo, and the algorithm does the rest.

Autonomous Return To Charge

The docking station acts as a home base that MowRo charges at. When it begins to rain, when MowRo finishes mowing or if MowRo becomes low on battery, it will automatically return to this docking station.

MowRo VS Traditonal

Graph of mowro product vs a traditonal lawn mower

Safety Features

When it comes to design, safety is the first priority. Live worry free when it comes to the safety of you and your family while MowRo is running.

The blades are housed inside a protective Mowing Blade Guard, this allows grass to pass through while protecting pets and children.

Infographic showing off different saftey features of the mowro mower

The MowRo has multiple safety sensors that will cause it to reverse or stop the blades if it comes into contact with objects or is lifted off the ground.

Silence Speaks Volumes

MowRo’s electric motor is nearly silent, so silent you may not even notice it grooming away at your lawn on a sunny Saturday morning.

Infographic showing how quite the mowro mower is compared to other loud noises

You can even run MowRo at night, be undisturbed and have the day to enjoy the lawn.

Hassle Free Setup

MowRo’s simple user interface makes it easy for you, no-fuss mow schedule programming. No complicated buttons and functions, the interface saves you even more time and reduces the mental workload. Just set it and forget it!

User showing how to power on the mowro mower User showing how to operate the mowro mower

Then Sit Back And Relax!

The Docking Station

Using the docking station and perimeter wire, MowRo is entirely autonomous. With the auto-return function MowRo will return to the docking station if it is low on battery, if it begins raining, or when it is done with the scheduled mow.

An infographic showing how the mowro mower docks into the docking station

Enviromentally Safe

MowRo is completely electric and uses a high-quality Samsung™ 28V 2Ah lithium-ion rechargeable battery. It’s nearly silent and does not emit exhaust, fumes, or harmful greenhouse gases. Best of all, MowRo eliminates fuel costs and spills.

Three icons showing no fuel costs, no harmful greenhouse gasses, and no exhaust fumes

Golf Green Percision

The quality of MowRo is second to none. MowRo gives your lawn a “golf fair-way” or “carpet-like” look and feel.

Showing the mowro mower on a nicely cut lawn An infographic showing how the grass clippings act as a fertilizer

The key to MowRo’s efficiency is that it maintains your grass by taking off a little bit every other day. This ultimately improves the health of your lawn. It achieves this by only cutting a fraction of an inch off your grass each time it cuts. Those little clippings then biodegrade into a natural fertilizer!​

Sharp blades are necessary for a nice-looking lawn. Mowing with dull blades causes ragged cuts that turns the tips of grass blades brown. Cutting grass with sharp blades promotes growth and a healthy good looking lawn. Your MowRo comes with extra blades that are easily replaced with a simple screwdriver.

An images of the underside of the mower showing the guard and the three pivot blades

Extra Settings For Greater Percision

The height of MowRo’s blades adjust from 0.8”-2.4” giving you the ability to personalize the look to your lawn. MowRo won’t miss a spot with its 7” cutting width which reaches every section of a 6,500+ sq ft lawn.

A user placing the perimeter wire out in their lawn with the provided hooks

Set Mowro On A 48hr mowing Schedule

An infographic showing the mower running both day and night every 48 hours