Mowro RM24A-14 Main Pcb Assembly For RM24

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About the MowRo RM24A-14

Robot mowers have brains too! The RM24A-14 is the printed circuit board (PCB) assembly, also known as the central processing unit of the MowRo RM24 mowers. All its functions rely on this vital mower part as it provides the commands carried out for the mower to function.

MowRo created the innovative automatic robot mowers and their parts to lessen every American's lawn maintenance burden. Get a spare replacement PCB assembly now!

Product Details

Manufacturer: MowRo
Type: Replacement Part
Mpn # RM24A-14
Dimensions 18 " X 15 " X 2.5 "

Product Features

  • A genuine product made by MowRo
  • Made for the RM24 series of MowRo's robot mowers